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Shandong Tongda New Energy Co., Ltd.

Shandong Tongda New Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises with independent intellectual property core technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Department of Shandong, with a large Group. The company was founded in April 2006, the the Changyi the City yinma Industrial Park located in the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and the Yellow River Delta Economic Zone. The company focused on lithium-ion battery research and development, production and management, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, covers an area of ??430 acres, plans to invest 330 million yuan to reach the capacity of producing various types of lithium-ion battery 300 000. Has invested 100 million yuan to establish a 30,000 square meters of factory dormitories and Nissan automated production line of 150,000 lithium-ion battery.

Adhere to the production of high quality, high performance products, superior customer service, high-end market positioning, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Adhering to the "level of technical quality to achieve world-class" corporate vision, relying on research-based doctoral degrees, and other high-end talent to the field of electrochemistry and material composition of the team’s own invention patents and core technology and domestic famous universities and foreign scholars work closely with foundation. Established a highly automated production lines and improve the quality management system, the production of high security, high specific energy series lithium-ion battery. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000, ISO14000 system certification and UL, ROHS, CE, REACH, MSDS and other product certification. The company’s products have been well-received and highly appreciated by famous experts and professors of the high-end customers, and its high performance and manufacturing technology than can phone lithium-ion battery products are domestic famous experts and professors of Shandong Province Science and Technology Department of the provincial identification with the international advanced level, adapted to the higher requirements of mobile phones more and more powerful features of the energy density of lithium-ion battery.

The company’s dynamic development department is committed to the development of battery electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, medical, research, and for use in mines, production and sales, the company developed the "electric bicycle with lithium-ion battery pack, apply to all types of electric bicycles, or other power supply. Small size, light weight, long life characteristics.

With advanced technology, perfect craftsmanship, outstanding quality, excellent service, with large to achieve cooperation with a number of well-known high-end manufacturers, and the supporting. Such as: the West, Kunshan Tianyu, HTC, Schindler, Tianyu, the Xin excellent Pu, Heng Jin, Taiwan, Senao International. 

Exchange, contact us and we will be high-quality products, improve the excellent service to ensure your satisfaction.

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